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Sage support for your evolving family.

As a parent, you have more knowledge than ever at your fingertips—but less time and energy than ever to digest it all and figure out how to put it into practice. Wisdom Season is here to guide and encourage you in your unique parenting journey using effective approaches that are research-based, gentle, life affirming, and practical.



Hi, I’m Renée Thompson, Parenting Coach

My approach to parenting evolved over 50 years—beginning even before the birth of my first child—informed by childhood experience, formal and continuing training, teaching and exploration in the field, and influenced by contemporary developmental psychologists, holistic thinkers and educators. Now as I enter my chosen “encore career” as a Parenting Coach, I am honored to be able to offer your family the culmination of that journey: personalized support, evolved insights grounded in research, compassion and respect for the dignity of you as parents and the precious lives entrusted to your care.

Parenting with Wisdom Season

Whether you seek new-parent guidance, a full-on parenting intervention, or maybe just a couple of sessions to get a fresh perspective on a specific struggle you are facing, we'll assemble an approach that suits your needs.


What Supported Parents Say

“We took a trial outdoor kids class with Renée and loved it so I enrolled my son (age 2) for that fall. We had such a positive experience and I cannot wait to attend another session. Renée was so good with my son; when we first arrived he was uneasy in this new environment however, Renee’s calm nature and easygoing spirit drew him in. He would often end up on her lap or in her arms during our circle times. She was always patient with him and me, reassuring me about his behaviors and teaching me new ways to foster my child’s independence and help him thrive and explore his environment on his terms and in a way that was fun for us both. She has a way of translating a child’s behaviors into meaning that makes sense and ultimately taught me a great deal.”


“Renée is a treasure to our family. Our young daughter Celeste seemed to struggle to find her tribe, and even to find understanding within her own family. While love abounded, I always knew there was so much more to Celeste than met the eye, but I couldn’t find the key. Renée’s wisdom reveals itself in the artful delivery of perceived self discovery in those she helps. She is a gentle guide, who led Celeste and I along a path she expertly paved that took us right to the gates of the Secret Garden of Celeste’s soul. All the while it was Celeste who had the key. I will be forever indebted to Renée and in awe of her gifts.”


I took Mrs. Thompson’s parenting class in 2013. I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew I needed some guidance as a single parent raising a newborn. The class was only a few weeks long, but every time I left I couldn’t wait to get back to the next one. Mrs. Thompson made it very easy to learn and the knowledge she passed to our class was more educational than I expected. Til this day, I still use the tools that I learned and I’d be lost as a parent if I hadn’t taken her class. It changed the course of my life and of course my son who is now 7. I’m forever grateful for Mrs. Thompson’s ability to teach me on a personal level, and to mold me into the parent I am today.


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