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Parenting Support

Wisdom Season parenting coaching can be custom fit to your needs—while we recommend the Evolved Family Plan, one-off sessions or a gift of occasional In-Home Support has its place too!

Parenting Support

Wisdom Season parenting coaching can be custom fit to your needs. The Evolved Family Program is a great way to begin, while one-off sessions or In-Home Support are valuable supplements.

Evolved Parenting Program

Evolved Parenting Program

Ten one-hour sessions in your home
$500 package price*

You and your family are unique and brimming with potential. In this program you will be guided and supported through an in-depth exploration and appreciation of your family’s strengths, challenges and vision for the future. Experience the benefit of a comprehensive parenting class with the privacy, individualized attention and support of a personal coach.

Learn why, based on the last 30 years of research combined with the perspective of  50 years’ experience, a gentle and confident parent is one of the most important factors in your child’s happiness and success as an adult.

Work together with your coach to implement a positive, intentional and compassionate approach to creating a nurturing family environment, develop healthy responses to stress and conflict, and increase the joy of simply being together.

Learn how to truly connect with your child in ways that will mold, inspire and encourage them throughout their lives and you will come to have a greater appreciation of your value and power as parents to confidently respond to the changing needs of your evolving family.


Ten one-hour private sessions (one or both parents)

Appointments to fit your schedule (weekly recommended)

Meet in the privacy and convenience of your home or at my comfortable counseling office in Macedon, NY. Video sessions also available.​

Meets requirements of court-recommended parenting education (documentation provided)

*Discount for families who opt to pay in full after introductory session

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual Coaching Sessions

1 hour in-person session


60 minute in-office consultation and follow-up Email

Great for targeting specific issues your family is struggling with

Sessions in your home or via Zoom also available. 




Limited Time Offer: FREE 30 minute  get-acquainted  session now through 12/31/2021

In-Home Parent Support

In-Home Parent Support

1 - 4 hours of ”Family Doula“ support

The most thoughtful new parent gift imaginable! Achieve that elusive hour of serenity every parent dreams of. Better than a babysitter and more than a mother’s helper, you’ll have hands-on help with practical matters so you can recharge and be more fully present to your own or your family’s needs. Enjoy the calm, reassuring presence of an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate caregiver who will model gentle parenting practices while supporting and encouraging your confidence as a parent.


Flexible support from an experienced caregiver


Better than a babysitter, more than a mother’s helper


Hands-on help with practical matters—laundry, dinnertime,
occupying siblings while you get in a shower and a nap—you name it!

Group Parenting Classes

Group Parenting Classes

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the nationally recognized Breakthrough Parenting® Program for your community, group or clients, please call 585-278-5897 for more information.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

One-hour Presentation or Workshop



Evolved Parenting: Effective Parenting

Toddlers: From Tantrum to Tranquility

Fun, Feasible Family Meals for a Frantic World

The Truth About Time-Outs: Discipline that Works

Go Outside and Play’ for the World We Live In

Getting Started

Looking for more information, or ready to start getting support? Call, email or submit the form below to confirm the appropriate session(s) for you.  |  585-278-5897

Thanks for reaching out!


Once you're issued an invoice, you may submit payment online:

Sessions must be paid in advance. 

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