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About Wisdom Season

Renee and her four young grandchildren

Renée Thompson

Parenting Coach

Renée brings wisdom to your parenting journey through a lifelong adventure of motherhood and wide-ranging learning. Infused with a deep love of the outdoors by a childhood in the mountains of Kentucky and informed by small town life in Upstate New York through high school, college, marriage, motherhood and divorce, she was tested in the crucible of 20 years as a single parent.

In addition to a 34 year career with a multinational law firm, she expressed her passion for families and children’s wellness as a Girl Scout leader, parenting class facilitator, family life educator, Tinkergarten® leader and especially as “Nana” to her and husband Kevin’s seven grandchildren.

  • Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, early childhood development

  • ​Marshall Rosenberg, non-violent communication

  • Dr. Michael Carrera, holistic approaches to adolescent health

  • Erwin Laszlo, general systems theory

  • Alfie Kohn, motivation theory

  • Dr. Gabor Maté, effects of maternal and childhood trauma on cognitive development

  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld, attachment-based developmental model

  • Maria Montessori, early childhood learning

  • L.R Knost, gentle parenting

  • Education: SUNY Geneseo Psychology Dept

  • Training: Adolescent Reproductive Health Training, Dr. Michael Carrera, Children’s Aid Society of NY

  • Facilitator, Nurturing Parenting Program, Wayne County Parents Anonymous

  • Facilitator, Parents Interested in Nurturing Effectively, Wayne County Action Program

  • Facilitator, Especially for You Family Life Education Program, Girl Scouts U.S.A.

  • Certified Parenting Coach, Breakthrough Parenting Program©


To support, guide and encourage parents as they nurture and inspire their families through effective research-based gentle, life affirming strategies and practical approaches to parenting.

To help parents gain confidence and clarity about the best way to meet their children’s changing needs and their goals as parents.


Our services will enable parents:

To address their immediate concerns with compassionate support, but especially to prepare them for their child’s road ahead.

To understand how they can best connect and positively influence their child through each stage of development.

To help each parent come to truly enjoy and value their role as their child's guide in reaching his or her full potential in adulthood.

Guiding Principles

Respect the personhood and bodily autonomy of all children, as we nurture each child's unique spirit.

Acknowledge the dignity and vulnerability of parents and their potential for positive influence on future generations.

Honor and celebrate cultural and family traditions within a framework of the priority of physical and mental health of children.

Assert the primary role of the family, supported in community.

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