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Right Where You Are, When You Need It Most

Do you sometimes feel touched out or overwhelmed as a parent?

Do you ever fantasize about having an extra pair of hands, about having another knowledgeable and compassionate voice (heck just another adult voice) to talk to during the day, about being able to run to the store without the whole kiddie entourage, or just having an hour or two to yourself to regroup?

Do you sometimes wish you could be two people - one of whom is taking a nap on a hammock in Bali?

As a single mom, I experienced those times just about every week. I had no family nearby and all the mothers I knew were busy with their own families. I actually relished my 45 minute commute to my full time job, even though I felt guilty for the extra time I wasn’t with my kids. It was my mental reset button. I carpooled for many years with two dear friends so it was also my emotional support system. Honestly, it may have been what saved me; and what saves the parent, saves the children.

What is your last straw, ‘Calgon take me away’, WWIII (Teen Edition), full-house meltdown, ‘Is it wine time yet’, ‘If I hear one more person complain about dinner, so help me’, scream into a pillow, realize you’re rocking that baby a little too fast, ‘OMG I cannot watch Frozen again’, ‘Jesus take the wheel’, moment?

You may have heard of a birth doula, a postpartum doula, even a death doula. They are amazing. A doula is a trained companion to assist an individual through a significant (read stressful) health experience to help them have the healthiest happiest experience possible. They are those helping hands; that calm, compassionate and knowledgeable presence that can feel like a lifeboat in the middle of an ocean of overwhelm.

But, let’s face it, parenting at ANY stage can be stressful and significant to our mental and even our physical health.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were such a thing as a Family Life Doula; someone you could hire to come for an hour or two to help you at those times? Imagine an experienced parent, creative and fun loving with children, compassionate, reassuring and supportive of you, who also happens to be a parenting coach and family life educator!

Yes, I thought so too. So I decided to make it a thing.

If you live in Monroe, Ontario or Wayne County, New York. I can help.

With the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions (I am fully vaccinated), I can finally offer Wisdom Season Parenting In-Home Parent Support Services! What a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, for a family welcoming a new addition by birth or adoption, for a single parent, a family or day care availability emergency or for YOURSELF!

For more information, or to schedule a session, visit Services | Wisdom Season, email me at or call me at 585-278-5897. That hammock in Bali is definitely out of my wheelhouse but I just might be able to throw a life preserver to someone you care about (Hint: You).

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